On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank all of our donors, anonymous and public alike, as well as the contributors and supporters, for their generous help and donations for our 2019 event! It really shows what a truly amazing community we are part of – you are all stars!

⭐Monthly Continuous Donors⭐

Paul Richardson @havochaos
Melanie Ensign


Hotiron creative

❤ Donors List ❤

Andrea Little Limbago
Elizabeth Ramirez @tijuanera 133.7
Zoe Glynn
Shannon Hubbell, @shbbll
Allie B @ac1dgoddess 150
L4bF0x 133.7
Carlota Bindner @CarlotaBindner
Jenn @geekgalgroks
Jared Allen
Clover Twombley 133.7
Jim Jastrzebski (@JastrzebskiJ)
@Amy Millikan-French
@SailorAmyDC 133.7
Allison @the_alli_p
Jay Haskins
Ian Binder
Alyssa Miller
Patrick Lavertyi
Robin C. Stuart
Jim Manico
David Mortman
Elle K
Steve ( @pidooma ) 150
Ryan O’Horo 500
Corsin ( @cocaman ) 150
@stroz 133.7
Shaun Cooley ( @shauncooley )
Ann Johnson ( @ajohnsocyber )