2019 Donors

On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank all of our donors, anonymous and public alike, as well as the contributors and supporters, for their generous help and donations for our 2019 event! It really shows what a truly amazing community we are part of – you are all stars! Also check our amazing list of sponsors that are also helping make our event happen HERE

⭐Monthly Continuous Donors ⭐

  Paul Richardson @havochaos

Melanie Ensign



Hotiron creative

(Check TDI Sponsor page and supporters list on Tweeter for latest)


❤ Donors List ❤


Board, Staff, Committees, Contributors

@3ncr1pt3d : CFP, Advisor & more
@ngree_H0bit : Co-chair, CFP, Advisor
@rnbwkat : COO, Advisor
@hexadecim8 : Deputy COO

@bridgette_boody : Deputy COO
@wanderlust_L0st : Secretary, Advisor
@fl3uryz : Chair, Treasurer, Advisor
@drbearsec : Advisor
@0teranihilation : Volunteers Commitee
@TechGirlMN: Badge Commitee, Advisor
@realtinehnimjeh : Entertainment DJ
@rayjwatson : Fundraising Advisor
@baybe_doll & jmgosney:badges 2017 @gavinpsmith : logo 2017, super-heroine @1dark0ne: logo 2019

@ComradeEevee : Social Media/Website @chillsunfire : Social Media/Website
@tinkerfairy_net : CTF
@IanColdwater : CTF

@DylanCodes : A/V

@c_huffstetler : NOC

@OliviaCurls: Speaker Op

@thedawgcr8 :Safety Op

@Phat_Hobbit: Safety Op loud party @C_3Pjoe: Sponsors Op

@marcelle_fsg : CFP

Christine : Lockpick village

More TBA…



@3ncr1pt3d @fl3uryz @ngree_H0bit @wanderlust_L0st @drbearsec

The Diana Initiative is a non-profit corporation registered in Las Vegas Nevada, and is exempt from tax under 501(c)3. Any donations that were made after July 17, 2017 are tax deductible.

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