Our Capture the Flag (CTF) event is going virtual this year! This Jeopardy-style CTF features challenges ranging from forensics to OSINT to hack-the-box to malware analysis to hacker trivia and more – truly something for everyone! Our challenges are designed to appeal to a wide audience, from experienced hackers to those new to the field.

We will have challenge authors available to answer questions throughout the event and will start with a CTF4Noobz workshop for those who are new to cyber competitions. No experience necessary, just come with your enthusiasm!

The workshop is separate from the rest of the CTF event. Workshop: 9-11am Pacific 21 August.
Workshop attendance is not required in order to compete in the CTF.


Our CTF can be played either as a team or individually. We will be running the competition throughout the course of TDI, with live support available during the main conference hours (9-4).


Why compete? Well, first of all, it is fun! It is also a great way to network with others and learn new skills. Competing can even be a good resume and interview enhancer as it shows that you go the extra mile to build your cybersecurity knowledge and abilities. What are you waiting for, let’s do this!


CTF Sponsor:
Logo: MongoDB


Questions regarding the CTF or the CTF4N00bz workshop can be directed to [ctf@dianainitiative.org]