All tickets get you access to our Virtual Conference platform and all of the nifty features that come along with it. You’ll be able to attend the main talks, visit our Villages’ virtual rooms, network with others who are attending, and so much more.

Human Tickets are $5.
‪Note: If you choose to purchase multiple tickets, such as to give some away, please make sure each ticket is tied to a unique email address before Check In.

If you are feeling generous and want to show some extra support, consider paying more for your ticket. See the *Supporter* option and enter your ticket price.
Note: If you choose to purchase a Supporter ticket, you do not need to purchase a human ticket as well, unless of course you plan on giving one of the tickets to someone else (in which case, see note above).

Students (of any kind) get free tickets – simply select the *Student* ticket option.

Click here to purchase your tickets on EventBrite

Check In. A few days before the event, all ticket holders will receive an email invitation to our conference platform – this is why each ticket needs to have a unique email address.

If you are a Military Veteran (any country), thank you for your service. You can request your free ticket by emailing [ticketrequest@dianainitiative.org] – we’ll respond with a link to unlock your code.
For anyone currently unemployed or underemployed, or otherwise cannot afford a ticket, you can also email [ticketrequest@dianainitiative.org] to get a special code link.
The code for these free tickets may be shared within trusted networks, but please avoid posting it publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I ordered event ticket(s) through Eventbrite but I did not receive my email invitation(s)? 

– Check your spam folder: The most common problem is that automated emails sometime end up in the spam folder.

– If you purchased multiple tickets, make sure to update each Eventbrite ticket’s email address with a unique email so that the virtual conference platform can add each of your guest tickets accounts. A few days before the event, your guests will receive an email invitation to our conference platform that requires each to have a unique email address.

– If you still have problems finding your email invitation(s), please email [registration@dianainitiative.org] and we can send you all the conference platform registration links.


What virtual conference platform links will I receive?

You will receive an email to invite you to hopin, our main online conference platform, along with two links to GoToWebinar for speaker Track 1 and Track 2. If you are a speaker, you will also receive an invitation to the Green Room track. If you cannot find the emails with those links, you can register yourself by going here:

Hopin attendees link
GTW speaker track 1
GTW speaker track 2
GTW speaker green room

Still have questions? Please email [registration@dianainitiative.org]