Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions. If after reviewing our website and the FAQs below you still have questions, please direct them as follows:

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Who can attend?

This event is open to people of all genders and identities interested in Information Security and Diversity in the Tech landscape. Although we tend to focus on women, we want to make sure we are welcoming to everyone, especially our supporters and allies.

Are donations to the Diana Initiative tax-deductible?

Yes we are a US-based not-for-profit! If you choose to receive a gift for your donation (when available), you may only deduct the amount of your donation less the market value of your gift. Your email receipt should have this information included.

How can my organization become a conference sponsor?

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring us! You can see details about the options at [the Sponsor page] or feel free to contact with any specific questions you might have.

I’d like to speak at Diana Initiative 2020 – when and how can I submit?

Details about our Call for Presentations are posted on [our CFP page], however our Call for the 2020 event closed on 12 July. Watch for details about it reopening early next year.

Do you sell your conference attendee information (emails, name, etc)? I got an email saying I can buy your attendee information!

No, we do not sell or provide attendee information to anyone other than a subset of our staff. Our staff only has access to information for the purpose of assisting with registration or sending mailing list emails (which you can opt-out of!). Although there are some emails (spam) that go around saying you can buy a list, you can’t, and shouldn’t trust those emails (they go around for many conferences that also do not sell or provide lists). We do not allow our sponsors access to our email lists or person information lists. At this time your information is collected within EventBrite (ticket sales), MailChimp (mailing list), Zapier (synchronizes eventbrite to hopin and GoToWebinar), Hopin (virtual village platform) and GoToWebinar (virtual talk platform). If one of those companies were to be breached someone could harvest the list but we have not yet been informed or heard of breaches of these systems this year.

For more information, please [review our Privacy Policy].

I am a student and I got an email saying I got a free black hat ticket, is this real?

Yes, Black Hat donated 10 tickets, and we are giving them out to select students who had applied for the Hacker Summer Camp Scholarship before our event COVID canceled everyone’s summer plans.

What happened to the money you already raised for student scholarships?

We have set that money aside to be the start/seed funding for next year’s student scholarship.