We thrive, thanks to the help of our volunteers!

So you had a great time attending or speaking at our event? And now you want to foster those good vibes and help build a stronger community? Great!

New Volunteers

Please complete our volunteer form and we’ll be in touch closer to the event time frame.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Why Volunteer?

We’re a volunteer-organized event, we only happen because people volunteer, we literally can not happen without community support. Our costs are covered by our sponsors, donors, and ticket sales. We rely on volunteers to help make the event great for everyone.


No experience required!

There are plenty of roles you can help out with no experience, although there are a few where we do prefer or need certain qualifications. We need help setting up the day before, during the event, and tearing down after the event.

Positions this year


  • Speaker Wrangler – This is someone who introduces out speakers and takes questions from the audience. This involves speaking in front of people on our YouTube stream. Previous experience having done this before is desired.
  • Discord Admins/Code of Conduct – This is our security staff. We ask that anyone who signs up for this role have previous security/Code of Conduct experience. Mods will escalate undesirable behavior to you to decide how to act
  • Discord Moderators – Help moderate Discord channels. Previous moderator experience is needed. Look for rude behavior. Look for bad language (sexist, racist, etc). Warn users. If needed mute and escalate to CoC.
  • Discord Helpers – Monitor your assigned channel in Discord, let attendees know what talks and events are coming up, and help answer questions. Brush up on https://thedianainitiative2022.sched.com/ & https://www.dianainitiative.org/about/faqs/
  • Sponsors Manager-Work with our sponsors to help answer questions and hype their presence.
  • A/V (StreamYard) Greenroom (not live)-Help with AV operations. Previous StreamYard experience preferred.
  • A/V (StreamYard) Backstage (live)-Help with AV operations. Previous StreamYard experience preferred.

In Person

  • Event Setup
  • Bag Stuffing
  • Registration
  • Food Runner
  • A/V Helper
  • Speaker Wrangler
  • Remote – Discord Mod
  • Remote – Discord helper
  • COC online and in person
  • Sponsor Manager
  • Village helper
  • Setup game night
  • Game night saftey
  • tear down game night
  • Tear down event

Benefits Virtual

  • Volunteer Shirt – maybe (you would have to pay customs fee!)
  • Stickers and swag (spork) mailed to you
  • Volunteer badge
  • Able to attend Aug 10-11 online or in person

Benefits In Person

  • Volunteer tshirt
  • Stickers and swag (spork)
  • Volunteer badge