1.5 hour interactive Lab/Workshop

Monday August 7, 2023 – 2:00-3:30

Your organization just completed a cyber tabletop exercise. Now what?
Things change quickly in a real-life crisis scenario, and flexibility is critical for strong cyber resilience. In this workshop, participants will brainstorm how to improve its cyber processes and policies after a cyber tabletop exercise. Participants will role-play as C-suite decision-makers in a fictitious organization and develop action items to enhance their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP).

Workshop Outline

  1. At the beginning of the workshop, the facilitators will brief participants on a fictitious Cyber Tabletop Exercise, including the goals, observations, potential risks, gaps, vulnerabilities, and Lessons Learned.
  2. Once the facilitators have provided this information, it’s the participants’ turn to have fun and discuss how to turn the Lessons Learned into an After Action Report (AAR) in small groups.
    • All participants will represent the same company. However, the facilitators will divide participants into groups and respond to the cyber Lessons Learned.
    • Each group will receive a different list of resources to test how they prioritize business decisions, budget priorities, personnel resource needs, internal due dates, and other factors that will improve business operations.
    • For example, some groups will be better funded than others, others will have more “senior” people, and others will be consultants who can be “hired” if a company has the budget to do so. Also, facilitators can manipulate this environment at any time. For example, they can swap the budgets of each group or give a group a Legal department if they do not have one.
  3. At the end of the workshop, participants will explain to the larger group how they strategically prioritized to help their fictitious organization become more cyber resilient.

Skill Level

Anyone is Welcome

Attendee Equipment Needed


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Presented By: Mone’ Ross and Frank Clowes

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