Opening Keynote : Alyssa Miller

Friday July 16th, 8:30am-10:00am @ Hopin

Alyssa Miller, @AlyssaM_InfoSec is a Business Information Security Officer (BISO) for S&P Global Ratings, directs the Ratings security strategy, connecting corporate security objectives to business initiatives. She blends a unique mix of technical expertise and executive presence to bridge the gap that can often form between security practitioners and business leaders. Her goal is to change how we look at the security of our interconnected way of life and focus attention on defending privacy and cultivating trust.

A life-long hacker, Alyssa has a passion for technology and security. She bought her first computer herself at age 12 and quickly learned techniques for hacking modem communications and software. Her serendipitous career journey began as a software developer which enabled her to pivot into security roles. Beginning as a penetration tester, her last 15 years have seen her grow as a security leader with experience across a variety of organizations. She regularly advocates for improving the security community and shares her research with business leaders and industry audiences through her international public speaking engagements, online content, and as co-host of The Uncommon Journey podcast on ITSP Magazine.

Alyssa is a committed activist within the security industry. Her views, research, and career journey have been featured in Tribe of Hackers: Blue Team, feature articles in SC Magazine, and Cybercrime Magazine, and through various other media appearances. Alyssa is chapter leader for Women of Security (WoSEC), Advisory Board Member for BlueTeam Con and Circle City Con, and a member of the WiCyS Racial Equity Committee.

Sparking your security career: You can’t get burned if you are the flame

Friday July 16th, 8:30am-10:00am @ Hopin

 happens so often it’s almost painful to think about. A passionate, motivated woman sets lofty goals for herself and someone comes along to tell her why she’s not being realistic, why she’s pushing too far too fast, why she’s simply not qualified. Perhaps you’ve been there yourself. Much like a parent tells their child that if they get too close to the fire they will get burned, seemingly well-meaning people in our lives try to keep us from jumping into something they think will scorch us. What they don’t understand is that you can’t get burned if you’re the flame. In her keynote address, Alyssa Miller talks about the mistakes that many of us fall into when we believe the voices that tell us if we’re too aspirational that somehow we’ll get hurt. She’ll discuss where these voices come from, how they threaten to hurt not only our careers but our ability to contribute to the cyber security community. She’ll draw from examples in her own career progression to illustrate both the mistakes and successes she found along the way. Listen as she gives you tangible tools to shut out those voices, embrace your value, and reach the heights you aspire to (and perhaps beyond). Remember, every trip to the moon begins with just a spark.


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