Leap Day Twitch Stream

Leap Day Twitch Stream


Join us for a mini, virtual conference stream hosted and supported by The Blind Hacker and Dead Pixel Sec on their Twitch Channel.

WHEN: Leap Day (29 Feb 2020); 12 hours starting at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm UTC)

WHERE: Twitch channel for The Blind Hacker

WHAT: Speakers and presenters from around the globe will be chatting – might be a mini conference talk, or perhaps a personal perspective about The Diana Initiative, or maybe even a panel discussion covering some of the topics near and dear to our hearts.

WHO: Anyone is welcome to attend our event. As with our in-person conference, we ask that all attendees adhere to our Code of Conduct.

WHY: We’re trying to raise awareness and funds for our 2020 event in Las Vegas. Come, watch the stream, learn about Diana Initiative, donate if you feel compelled, etc.

Hacker Summer Camp Student Scholarships 2020

Hacker Summer Camp Student Scholarships 2020

Information Security is a constantly changing and evolving field. One of the best ways for us as a community to support those up-and-coming into our industry is to encourage students to attend InfoSec conferences, in this case Hacker Summer Camp (BlackHat, BSidesLV, Narwhal.be, Diana Initiative, Queercon, Def Con). Last year, thanks to the amazing generosity of our community, we awarded 9 scholarships to students. This year we hope to increase the amount of the award and send 10 students!


Donation details

We can’t make these Scholarships happen without your help. If you would like to donate toward enabling a deserving student to attend Hacker Summer Camp, please complete the donation form below. Everything donated through this form will go to Scholarship Winners. [If you wish to donate to the Diana Initiative organization, please click here]. Custom amounts are welcomed, however we ask for at least $100.

For our second year our goal is to raise at least $3,000 for each of 10 students. This should enable a student to cover hotel room, food, and some travel expenses in order to attend The Diana Initiative and some additional hacker summer camp activities. We understand that depending on the origin of the student this may not cover all their expenses, so if we beat our goal we would love to increase the amount we award each student so that they get to experience The Diana Initiative, learn to solder, career village, connect with mentors in the InfoSec community, take part in a Capture the Flag competition, and possibly find their niche in this field without hurting their budget.

$0 of $30,000 raised

Every donation counts - please give what you can. Enter a custom amount above.

Personal Info

Donation Total: $100.00

{amount} donation plus {fee_amount} to help cover fees.


Donations for 2020 Student Scholarships will close on 30 May 2020 so that students have enough time to book travel.

Scholarship details

Scholarships include:

  1. An entry badge for The Diana Initiative 2020
  2. Check for 1/10th of the amount raised
  3. Hotel reservation transferred to your name (You will need to pay for it using a portion of the check)
  4. We are hoping to announce additional benefits soon! (If your organization or event would like to donate tickets or other in-kind items that are not cash, please reach out)

Depending on the amount raised and your personal circumstances scholarships MAY NOT cover all travel costs to/from Las Vegas, NV; meals; or any additional funds or benefits.

Scholarships are available to all students, regardless of race, gender, orientation, nationality, residence, or current education program.

In order to qualify for a Student Scholarship to The Diana Initiative, applicants must be a student (high school, college, university, or certificate program) with an interest in Information Security.

Applicants under 18 years old, if selected to receive a Scholarship, will be required to provide their legal guardians’ contact information, as the guardian will be required to agree to all the conditions. In addition, the guardian will need to accompany and be held responsible for the under-18 Scholarship winner. The guardian will receive an entry ticket to our conference, and will share a hotel room with the winner.

At this time, Applications for the Scholarships are not yet open. Dates will be announced in early 2020.

This year, the following organizations are working together to enable the Hacker Summer Camp Student Scholarship:

Logo: Diana Initiative    Logo: Women Hackerz     Logo: WoSec

Questions regarding our Student Scholarships can be directed to [scholarships@dianainitiative.org].

dark lights, lasers, and glowing lines on carpet


What conference is complete without After Parties? At Diana Initiative, we know some of the best networking happens in a casual and fun setting, which is why we host both a Quiet Party as well as a Loud Party.

A Diana Initiative Badge is required to attend either of our After Parties.
Doors open at 7:30pm and space is limited.

Quiet Party: Friday, 9 Aug, 8-11pm

light, board games on tables, light snacks

Enjoy light refreshments, low-key background music, and a safe & fun atmosphere for networking and chatting while you relax playing an assortment of board and card games. The Lock Pick Village will be open during the party to sharpen your skills and bond over 5-pin successes. This is a great time to meet and talk with other attendees from the conference without the noise and crowds of a typical Friday night.


Coinbase Breakfast: Saturday, 10 Aug, 8am

Visit [coinbasedianainitiative.splashthat.com] and enter code CBBREAKFAST to RSVP for this free breakfast hosted by Coinbase in the Cyprus Ballroom at the Westin. Space is limited.

Not-Quiet Party: Saturday, 10 Aug, 8-11pm

DJ, purple lights, lasers, glow

It’s Saturday night and time to cut loose after multiple days of conference talks – come celebrate with us! Enjoy a great mix of music by our masterful DJ, Tineh Nimjeh, with lasers, dancing and more in a comfortable and safe space. There will be a cash bar available for refreshments. For one last hurrah, the Lock Pick Village will be open during the party as a fun and relaxing getaway for all skill levels.


Soldering Village

2019 Learn 2 Solder badge and components for 2019


This video breaks down the completion of the Red Gem badge:

You can also view full text instructions [here].

The code which is running on the ATtiny is [available for viewing here].

This video shows you how to solder the 1 of 100 badge, if you win it and don’t have time to complete on site:

Career Village

Our Career Village is a perfect place for Diana Initiative attendees to obtain personalized advice for professional development.

Available professional opportunities range from resume reviews to in-person interviews with corporate representatives. All activities in the Career Village require sign-up at Registration. When you pick up your Conference Badge at Registration, you will be able to sign up for an available time slot for the particular activity you are interested in.

Open Hours: 9am – 6pm both Friday and Saturday
Location: Mesquite 2 (First Floor)

Village Activities include:
• Resume Reviews, LinkedIn Profile Reviews, Mock Interviews (30 minute appointment)
• Meeting with Corporate Representatives (30 minute appointment)
• Graduate School Application Discussion (15 minute appointment)

The Career Village Volunteers are here to help you succeed in your career. To get the most of your appointment please bring with you:
• A paper copy of your resume and/or your laptop for a professional to review and discuss with you
• Questions regarding non-technical interviews

Companies with representatives on site in the Career Village include (but not limited to): Starbucks, Nordstrom, and more

Capture the Flag event

Our Capture the Flag event (CTF) is a great place to meet friends, shell a server for the first time, or compete to win. This on-site Jeopardy-style CTF features challenges from cryptograms to lateralization and a full difficulty range. Experienced CTF players, hackers, and security folks will be available to offer encouragement, teach skills, and answer questions.

CTF challenge categories include OSINT, lockpicking, soldering, web application and binary exploitation, network discovery, and more. Shout out to the Lockpick Village and Soldering Village for their collaboration!

Hacking is better together! We encourage team play, with no team size limit. Bring your friends or join up with the other folks at your table. Simply sign up one account per team and share the credentials with your teammates. Arrangements you may make to include off-site players are none of our knowledge or concern; we will only be supporting on-site play.

Our CTF does not require pre-registration, and is open to all Diana Initiative attendees.

Each table will have a power strip and one Ethernet connection. WiFi will also be available. Tip: bring a small network switch to enable table-level networking.


Friday, 9 August 2019
9:00AM – 12:00PM – CTF4NOOBZ Workshop **
12:00PM – Team registration opens; Game begins
10:00PM – CTF room closes for the evening

Saturday, 10 August 2019
9:00AM – CTF room re-opens
– Game ends, winners determined


The workshop is separate from the rest of the CTF event. Workshop is not required to compete in the CTF. Workshop requires registration, but is currently sold out. However, there will be an ON-SITE wait list. Stop by Registration early Friday morning to get on this list.

Lockpick Village

[Explore the Lockpick Extreme website]


Lockpick Extreme will be hosting free hands-on training in our Lockpick Village throughout the conference. Come on your own time and explore this fascinating art, observe and learn, or just hang out for a friendly chat.

Open Hours: 9am – 11pm, Friday and Saturday

Prerquisites: NONE! Come as you are, n00b or expert. We will have practice locks galore, and plenty of picks to borrow.