Conference 2021 FAQ

When is the conference?

The Diana Initiative will take place July 16 and 17, 2021 from 8:30am to 6pm PDT both days.

Who can attend?

This event is open to people of all genders and identities interested in Information Security and Diversity in the Tech landscape. We tend to focus on women and those underrepresented in information security, but we also want to make sure we are welcoming to everyone, especially our supporters and allies.

Can I get credit for this event?

The Diana Initiative Conference should qualify for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. Specifically, we’re an “Industry Conference (in-person or virtual).” For confirmation of whether the Diana Initiative Conference meets your CPE requirements, please contact your accreditation body directly.

Will recordings of the talks be available?

We are recording the main stage talks, and with the speakers consent we will post them to our TDI Youtube channel after the event.

Are the talks streaming anywhere?

No the talks are only available inside Hopin.

Who is speaking at the conference?

A list of the speakers can be found here.

How can I attend the conference?

This year we’ll be using a few tools to provide the best virtual experience possible. We’ll be using Hopin as a virtual venue for talks, villages and workshops. A schedule of the conference can be found on Sched and attendees can export details to their calendars. The times in Sched are in PDT format, but in the right column of the page underneath the search box an attendee can select a preferred time zone under “Timezone.” We have created an introductory video on how to use Hopin.

What virtual conference platform links will I receive?

You will receive an email to invite you to Hopin, our main online conference platform. If you cannot find the email with that link, you can register yourself by going here.

What is the official hastag used for the 2021 Diana Initiative?


How can I find the Information Booth?

The Information Booth can be found by clicking on “Sessions” in the Reception area of Hopin.

Where is the schedule for the conference?

A schedule for the conference can be found here on Sched. The times in Sched are in PDT format, but in the right column of the page underneath the search box an attendee can select a preferred time zone under “Timezone.”

How can I attend villages and workshops in Hopin?

Attendees should be able to log into Hopin with the unique e-mail address that was used to register for the conference. Once a user is logged in and attending the event they will begin in the Reception area. They can click on the “Stage” option to view talks from speakers and other village-related content. The “Sessions” option is where attendees can join villages and workshops. We have also created an introductory video on how to use Hopin.

What villages and events can I attend?

This year the conference if featuring the following villages:

Do I need to register for villages?

The only village attendees need to register for is the Lockpicking Workshop (an extra fee, and you’ll get a Zoom link) and the Teen Village (purchase the “teen” ticket).

How can I check out the virtual Expo Hall?

The virtual Expo Hall is in Hopin and can be seen by clicking on the “Expo” option in the Reception area. The Expo hall contains sponsors, conferences, and community organizations. Some of which are giving their own presentations!

When I preview the Expo Hall from my iPhone 8+ using Safari the booth screen does not scroll, it seems stuck so I can only see the first three rows of the booth?

The Hopin product team works on making the mobile experience better with new platform updates. Currently, they recommend using the latest versions of desktop Chrome and Firefox to get the best experience on Hopin.

Does the conference have a Code of Conduct?

Yes! All speakers, sponsors, staff, volunteers, and attendees are expected to adhere to it during the event and can be reviewed on our policy page here.

How can an attendee report harassment or a violation to the Code of Conduct?>

Any violations of the Code of Conduct can be reported to the Safety Operations room in Hopin. A link is provided in the Reception area or can be provided by the Information Booth. The Information Booth can be found by clicking on “Sessions” in the Reception area of Hopin. For concerns or doubts about whether an action would be in violation of the CoC, please contact [].

Do you sell your conference attendee information (emails, name, etc)?

No, we do not sell or provide attendee information to anyone other than a subset of our staff. Our staff only has access to information for the purpose of assisting with registration or sending mailing list emails (which you can opt-out of!). Although there are some emails (spam) that go around saying you can buy a list, you can’t, and shouldn’t trust those emails (they go around for many conferences that also do not sell or provide lists).

We do not allow our sponsors access to our email lists or person information lists. At this time your information is collected within EventBrite (ticket sales), MailChimp (mailing list), Zapier (synchronizes eventbrite to Hopin and GoToWebinar), Hopin (virtual village platform) and GoToWebinar (virtual talk platform). If one of those companies were to be breached someone could harvest the list but we have not yet been informed or heard of breaches of these systems this year.

For more information, please [review our Privacy Policy].

I’m having trouble getting a conference tool to work for me.

If you are able to access Hopin please try chatting with our Information Booth. It can be found if you click “Sessions” in the Reception area of the platform. If you can’t access Hopin please contact [].

I have additional questions.

Additional questions can be asked in the Information Booth in Hopin once you login. It can be found if you click “Sessions” while using the platform.

Capture the Flag (CTF) 2021 FAQ

I’ve never done a Capture the Flag event before. Is that OK?

Yes! The CTF was created for all skill levels and can be played as a team or individually. An introductory CTF4Noobz workshop is often held in the morning of the first day of our conference.

Is there a pre-qualifier for the CTF?

Nope! It’s open to everyone, no pre-qualifiers.

What is the maximum team size permitted for the CTF?


Career Village 2021 FAQ

Can I sign up in advance for a mock interview or resume review?

Sorry sign up is only during the event, stop into the village and a volunteer will assist getting you scheduled.

Teen Village 2021 FAQ

Can I participate?

You need to be a teen (13-19).

How do I participate?

Get a free “teen” ticket when you register, people without teen tickets can not enter the teen village.

Lockpicking Workshop 2021 FAQ

Can I sign up?

Is it before July 5? Yes – if you are in the United States go here Lockpicking Workshop to register and pay the extra fee for your kit.

Is it after July 5? Sorry you had to pre-register and pay the extra fee by July 5. If you did sign up you will get a Zoom link in email for the workshop.

Where is the workshop?

It is being held on Zoom.

Soldering Workshop 2021 FAQ

When are the soldering workshops?

Schedule can be found here.

What do I need to participate in the workshop?

You needed to purchase the kit (sold out) to follow along, however you are welcome to come and watch if you missed out on the kit.

Internet of Things (IoT) Village 2021 FAQ

I’ve never done anything with IoT before. Is that OK?

Yes! This was created for all skill levels!

Is there a pre-qualifier?

Nope! It’s open to everyone, just show up.

Donations 2021 FAQ

Are donations to the Diana Initiative tax-deductible?

Yes we are a US-based not-for-profit! If you choose to receive a gift for your donation (when available), you may only deduct the amount of your donation less the market value of your gift. Your email receipt should have this information included. If you donate using our donation form you should automatically get a tax receipt (please check your spam folder), if you donated at the same time as buying a ticket please reach out to registration to get a receipt if desired.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Thank you for the donation! Yes. If you gave a donation on the web site you should receive a receipt through e-mail. If you gave a donation via ticket purchase please contact [] for receipt information.

What happened to the money you already raised for student scholarships?

We have set that money aside to be the start/seed funding for 2022 student scholarship.

How can my organization become a conference sponsor?

We will be posting more information on [the Sponsorship page] as soon as we can. Until then, please submit your interest via our [Sponsor Application] and a member of our team will be in touch with further instructions. If you still have questions about sponsorship, please contact

Expo/Sponsor 2021 FAQ

How do I get my Sponsors Tickets?

As part of your sponsorship benefit, we are providing you with a certain amount of complimentary tickets to our event. If you have not already received them, claim your tickets by sending an email to [], and you will get the Eventbrite code to unlock your sponsors tickets. Once you unlock the sponsors ticket registration, an option will appear to register for your sponsors tickets. Make sure all of your attendees fill in all of the requested information. Upon successful registration, you will receive a unique email invitation to Hopin, which is our main conference platform. So make sure to fill in a unique email address for each attendee.

You do not need to complete this whole process right away – if you only know two of the attendees now for example, you can get two tickets now and use the same link again in the future to get the remainder of your tickets.

What Sponsor logo format should I provide? 

If you have not yet provided us with your company sponsor logo, please send a vector version of your logo as well as the url to which your logo should point. In addition for the virtual booth, please send us an image as close to 1080 x 1080px as possible.

How do I participate in the Career Village?

Depending on your support level – you can post a job on our job board which is shared in career village, let people know your hiring by adding #hiring #job to your expo booth, provide hiring managers and recruiters to help attendees with their resume reviews and mock interviews (and also get a chance to invite them to real interviews after!), and you can propose a professional skills or career talk (deadline passed) for the Village stage.

How can I provide Sponsor Swag? 

Due to the virtual nature of our conference this year, we will only be able to support giving away sponsors swag items online. If you wish to give away swag, we encourage you to make the swag link available as your booth CTA link (more on that below). It would be best to provide digital swag (codes, desktop images, etc.), but you may link to a place where attendees can sign up to receive swag if you want. If you link to a non-digital swag option you are responsible for worldwide shipping, collecting the needed information, and answering any questions attendees have about it.

How can I host a Sponsor session? 

If you would like to host an event session at a specific time (such as a live demo, career fair, Q&A, challenge game, or puzzle) we encourage that. Please let us know the planned time for your session so we can let attendees know about it.

If we want to set up a Q&A panel or something can we let you know what time it is so it can be promoted? 


Can you confirm the hours of the event?

The event starts at 8 AM PDT until 6 PM PDT both days.

Are we able to get the attendee list beforehand to curate emails to share about what we’re doing?

As we are a community driven information security event we take our attendees privacy seriously, as they have high expectations. We do not provide email lists of our attendees to anyone. At your sponsor booth you can certainly encourage people to sign up to your mailing in exchange for swag or other benefits. If you choose to host a contest or session that is likely to be even more impactful for collecting contact information from attendees.

Would it be possible to also have some pre-recorded videos for viewing at our booth outside of a live session?

Yes we can switch your booth to pre-recorded videos. Please provide the time range ahead of time as well as the pre-recorded video youtube link.

Speaker 2021 FAQ

2021 Speakers please visit here.

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