We are excited to be raising funds in a joint effort with [Black Girls Hack] (BGH) this year with the goal to raise enough funds to send 20 people to “Hacker Summer Camp” (the nickname for the combined week of events in Las Vegas; Black Hat, Diana Initiative, BSidesLV, DEF CON).

Were you interested in applying for the scholarship? Applications are now being accepted!

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$1,382 of $40,000 raised

We appreciate any amount you can give!

We are collaborating with Black Girls Hack to try and send 20 people to Hacker Summer Camp.


We hope to give each recipient ~$2,000 to cover hotel, transportation, food, tickets to DEF CON (we’re donating TDI tickets!), BSidesLV etc.

This is a great opportunity for people to launch their career and network with a diverse range of individuals.

Both organizations will be providing advice and friendly faces to help them make the most of their week.

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If you would prefer to donate directly to our partner Black Girls Hack [click here].

If you are interested in donating to BGH as an organization you can download and read the [Black Girls Hack Sponsorship Kit], or you can read the [Girls Hack Village Sponsorship Kit] if you are specifically are interested in finding out about sponsoring the Girls Hack Village at DEF CON

There is also another group fundraising on our behalf and will donate funds to us at the end of their fundraiser – [Beards of Color] – it could result in a bunch of colorful people running around Hacker Summer Camp. #BeardsOfColor

Why are scholarships important?

The security industry is constantly changing and evolving, and currently is not as diverse as it could be. Diversity benefits companies by increasing the talent pool, improving productivity, increasing team creativity and problem solving, and increasing corporate earnings.

Black Girls Hack (BGH) and The Diana Initiative (TDI) share a goal to support underrepresented individuals in, and increase the diversity of, the Information Security (infosec) and Cyber Security (cybersec) industries.

BGH & TDI have found one of the most effective ways to help support underrepresented individuals coming into the industry is by getting them involved with a supportive community. One of the best opportunities to create community, enable networking, and provide education through presentations and hands-on activities is to attend conferences.

There is a week of security conferences (Black Hat, The Diana Initiative, BSidesLV, and Girls Hack Village at DEF CON) each year held in Las Vegas which is an excellent opportunity for individuals to attend 4 unique conferences in rapid succession. This week is nicknamed “Hacker Summer Camp” and it draws in many professionals, hobbists, students and researchers to one location during the summer, many of which attend year after year. During the week there are presentations, contests, hands-on learning activities, networking events, and a large selection of affinity groups (communities) which host gatherings where people can find one or more supportive communities which align with their interest and lived experiences.

Sometimes very talented and highly motivated people need financial assistance to be able to attend a conference. Because of the unique opportunity presented by Hacker Summer Camp both BGH and TDI are looking to offer financial assistance to enable those interested in the industry to attend Hacker Summer Camp. Last year we brought over 20 scholarship recipients to Hacker Summer Camp and we are looking to do it again this year.

We will be accepting applications to bring 20 people to BlackHat, BSidesLV, Diana Initiative, and Girls Hack Village at DefCon as fundraising allows. Because we have a limited number of scholarships, we will not be able to award everyone.

Our Scholarship is available to students over 16 (accompanied by legal guardian) and underrepresented groups.

This application closes on April 30th, 2023.