We are collaborating with Black Girls Hack to try and send 20 people to Hacker Summer Camp, and on behalf of both of our organizations we would like to thank all of our donors, anonymous and public alike, for their generous help and donations for our 2023 Scholarship!

If you are interested in donating to BGH as an organization you can download and read the [Black Girls Hack Sponsorship Kit], or you can read the [Girls Hack Village Sponsorship Kit] if you are specifically are interested in finding out about sponsoring the Girls Hack Village at DEF CON

❤ Donors List ❤

Levi Broderick

May 8, 2023

Gabe Schuyler

March 25, 2023

Giuseppe Zanchetta

March 19, 2023

James Yankelvich

February 10, 2023

Barry Dorrans

January 26, 2023

Kate Adam

January 16, 2023