This year our theme is “Lead the Change”

It’s the Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit represents whimsy, ingenuity, vigilance, and hope. This year’s logo stands for hope, wonder, and change. Here, our hero is surrounded by darkness and sitting before a computer monitor, wearing a rabbit onesie as a hoodie, and gazing through the looking glass at the idea of unlocking a brighter future. An anonymous hand is holding out a pocket watch, leading the hero toward a rabbit hole to an alternate reality. It’s time to lead the change, and this time, she’s taking the initiative.

A wonderful analogue to hacker culture, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland centers around curiosity, mathematics, riddles, logic puzzles, imagination, whimsy, nonsense, gatekeepers, deception, doorways, and rules that are meant to be broken. Symbols from the story include the night sky with the crescent moon, indicating the grinning Cheshire Cat; the pocket watch belonging to the White Rabbit; the keyhole as a portal to an alternate reality; tea party, Mad Hatter, keys, playing card suits, swirling smoke (Art Nouveau style), and other hidden meanings. How many can you find?

Meaning behind our logo by @1dark0ne