We are excited to announce that the Career Village will be at the Diana Initiative again this year!

Career Village will be at both the Virtual and In-Person events.

What can the Career Village offer you?

Career Village will offer advice and resources below for building both your professional career and yourself. These life skills can help you keep your professional career alive and healthy! These available services will be offered during and around talks about personal development during the conference.

  • Panel presentations
  • Resume Reviews
  • Mock Interviews

We will have a sponsor job board closer to the event.

Candidate resources

Resume templates, salary information, and other resources.

Sponsor benefits

  • Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors will have access to a separate Career Village room for actual live interviews and/or candidate screenings!
  • We will publish links to your job boards and promote these in our village as well as on our mailing list
  • Sponsors can have Recruiters assist us on the virtual and in person with Resume Reviews and Mock Interviews which is an ideal way to also find and recruit talent and build community partnerships
    • Note: We do also invite some non-sponsors to help in this role if there are slots available.
  • We would love to have our “Career Village Sponsor” slot filled – we’ll put your logo on our “Hiring/looking” bracelets