We are excited to announce that the Maker Village will be at the Diana Initiative again this year!

There will be maker events at both the virtual and in-person events.

Thank you to our sponsor


For more details about all of the workshops (including code and other useful items) you can [view the maker village website].

In-Person Event


[view the maker village website]

Things to do in the village

  • Learn to solder
  • “Stitch & Bi**H” hangout area
  • Sticker exchange table
  • Electronic Badge upgrade [purchase DIY electronic badge kit]
  • [Surface Mounted Device (SMD) workshop]
    • Two classes of 25 using a custom kit for a small fee [purchase a kit]
    • You MUST buy your workshop kit in advance, and for the day you plan to attend.
    • After the event if there are kits left we will sell them with the option to ship, but not until after the final class

[view the maker village website]

Virtual Event

  • 10am PDT Tinkercad Circuits
  • 11am PDT Soldering Demo 1
  • 12PM PDT EasyEDA
  • 1pm PDT Soldering demo 2
  • 3pm PDT Soldering Demo 3
  • 4pm Soldering Demo 1

[view the maker village website]