This year our theme is “Take the Initiative” Our discussions will focus on impactful ways large and small that each of us can advance information security, diversity initiatives, and ourselves, both professionally and personally – whether gender, race, sexuality, skill level and neurodiversity.


Read the inspiring meaning behind our 2022 logo by @1dark0ne :

Every year, our logo features a mythical creature embodying the spirit of the tagline and our collective mood regarding current events. Our visual metaphors are about metamorphosis, overcoming adversity, and emerging stronger.

In 2019, the rising phoenix became our main crest with which we consistently brand the organization. In 2020, we had an abstract butterfly with a feminine and celebratory cultural vibe. In 2021, as the pandemic wore on, an asymmetrical progression of origami cranes reflected a feeling of longing, impermanence, and optimism.

This year, it’s time to stop isolating and start acting. It’s the Year of the Tiger. We’re coming out again, and it’s time to “Take the Initiative” and help build a more inclusive infosec industry. The jungle cats represent our diverse community, inspiring us to come forward and take what’s ours. We are rare and fearsome hunters, fiercely protective of one another, and stronger together. RAWR!