Mentoring Program Goals

We wish to provide mentorship to help new and prospective speakers hone their ability to craft good CFPs, and for accepted speakers to improve their presentation making and talk giving skill sets. We want our mentees to leave the program with skills applicable to any conference they wish to apply to in the future.

Call-For-Papers Mentorship Program

Often people submitting talk topics may have fantastic research, perspective, or insight. However, they don’t know how to structure the Call-For-Papers response to present it in a way that illustrates the value of their talk. Call-For-Papers Mentor will help those that submitted for Round 1, but weren’t accepted.

Mentors that are perfect for this role may have had several talks accepted at conferences, functioned as a CFP Reviewer at conferences, or both. If this sounds like a way you would like to help potential new speakers fill out the form below! We would love to have you.

Presentation Mentorship Program

Presentation Mentors help accepted presenters hone their talk providing valuable feedback regarding presentation style, delivery of information, speaking tips, and general experience engaging an audience. This role takes balance as mentors must help the speaker find their voice and style then help them polish it. The goal is not to change the speaker, but enhance their abilities with feedback and experience.

Mentors perfect for this role have significant public speaking experience including, but not limited to, conference talks, professional trainers, and teachers. Speakers that build lecture material or conference talks that can help new speakers distill and refine points for better impact do well providing feedback. Further, if you have worked as a public speaking mentor in the past and understand how to find and develop someone’s voice so they are authentic themselves, but empowered with feedback to help them achieve their best talk… we need you!

Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

We know the investment you make when you give your time and experience to help the information security community. We are looking for mentors that can meet mentees where they are, share experience in a way that builds but does not change the mentees voice, and seeks out advice from others that may help the mentee resonate the vision of their talk better!

You will be helping grow and mentor new voices that will go on to positively influence conferences, industries, and workplaces for years to come. This is a profoundly rewarding experience for the mentor and the mentee.

We hope you will join us! Please complete our mentorship form and will be in touch.

Apply to be a Mentor