Press Blurb

We are a non profit organization hosting our fifth annual infosec conference committed to helping all those underrepresented in the Information Security industry. Our next conference will be held virtually on July 16 and 17, 2021.


We put effort into making our event focus on some of the most-underrepresented and marginalized people, but we want to “elevate, inspire and support”  all underrepresented genders, sexualities, races and cultures in Information Security.


The Diana Initiative features two full days of four speaker tracks, fully expanded villages with hands-on workshops, and a women-led Capture the Flag event.


This year our theme is “Spark A Journey.” Our discussions will focus on emphasizing the ability in each of us to spark many journeys, and how we can be an inspiration and driving force for increasing representation in cybersecurity – whether gender, race, sexuality, skill level and neurodiversity.


More information about our organization and conference can be found at

This year our conference will take place in Hopin virtual conference platform at and we offer free limited tickets to teens, students, unemployed and veterans.


We will be hosting three main speaking tracks, a career village track, multiple workshops, partners and villages sessions including :


If you are interested in supporting our event, we are accepting and encouraging volunteers, sponsors and media partners to apply.


If you are or know reporters, podcasters, or bloggers who would like to cover our 2021 event, please reach out to our media relations group for complimentary media pass info at


If you know professors or teachers who are interested in streaming specific talks or sessions into their classroom, let us know as well!