Teen Village

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever Teen Village as part of the Diana Initiative 2021 virtual event!

Solving tomorrow’s biggest cybersecurity challenges will require everyone’s help and participation. Teens are invited to attend the 2021 Diana Initiative conference to learn more about information security careers, concepts, and skills.
The Diana Initiative has created a dedicated schedule of talks, workshops, and activities for teens, to support teens exploring the idea of becoming tomorrow’s security professionals.

Teens and others who are considering a career in cybersecurity should attend Diana Initiative to:

  • Discover different cybersecurity careers – Attend talks and workshops by top industry professionals to learn about current and future career paths in security and where to start.
  • Learn hands-on STEM skills – Get hands-on and learn real skills for forensics, Capture the Flag (CTF), networking, and much more! Choose your own adventure from a huge array of experiences. 
  • Protect yourself and your privacy – Learn how to stay safe online with workshops on cyber safety and privacy to protect yourself and your online accounts. 

The Diana Initiative’s teen village is committed to creating a safe space for teens to learn about security and connect with peers and current customers. Teens have the option to design their own conference agenda from a huge array of content for teens only or all ages

How do I participate in the Diana Initiative teen village?

In order to participate in teen village, you must be at least 13 years of age and have permission from a parent or guardian.
Teens 18 years or older do not need permission to participate.


Registration is free for students – please be sure to select the teen ticket when registering

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