We thrive, thanks to the help of our volunteers!

So you had a great time attending or speaking at our event? And now you want to foster those good vibes and help build a stronger community? We could use your help!

Certain Staff positions may open up during the year. If you have skills in Marketing, Logistics, Tech Support, Sponsorship Management, or another area related to large event planning, and you want to join our staff, watch this space below for job descriptions and instructions on how to apply.

Open Volunteer And Volunteer Staff Positions:


Position: CFP Chair

Description: The CFP Chair ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality technical programme is organized and presented at the conference. Together with the main conference organizer they develop the conference’s call for papers (aka call for abstracts) and source suitable online conference software. They also take responsibility for the peer review process and the conference schedule.
A CFP Chair is in charge of:
-Identify potential Keynote speakers
-Selecting and managing the CFP reviewers
-Advise reviewers on the criteria to review with
-Decide how many rounds with their team and set those dates EARLY after confirming with logistics and speaker ops
-Help select dates for CFP rounds,
-Selecting the CFP review software, setting it up and managing it
-Coordinate with mentoring team lead to decide if there will be CFP mentoring and talk mentoring and when those will occur
-Make sure all submissions get a minimum number of reviews
-Communicating with CFP reviewers and submitters, reading CFP submissions reviews
-Approving and rejecting talks submissions
-Make the final call on ranking all submissions and submits this to Speaker Ops for communication / all items going forward
-Determine amount of time needed for each workshop or training
-Create initial speakers and training schedule proposal to speakers and training Op,
-Balancing the schedule
-Overriding reviewers as needed.

A CFP chair should possess the following main skill:

  • Be organized (pick and keep track of dates, pick a diverse review committee)
  • Managing skill to be able to push committee to do timely review etc.
  • good at creating complex schedule
  • Able to “sort” talks and “balance” them

Time commitment – How many hours during the convention, or how many rough hours per month
Time Frame – If it’s during convention, before convention, what months ect
Special Requirements/Training – Computer access

Apply for CFP Chair


Position: Social Media Volunteer Lead

A Social Media Volunteer Lead is in charge of:
-Maintaining regular scheduled updates to social media
-Respond to replies and Direct Messages
-Operate the social media account to create and schedule social media campaigns for:

  • Conduct social media campaigns (such as giving Tuesday)
  • Announce organization events and news
  • Advertise ongoing fundraising campaigns
  • Promote Speakers and talks announcements
  • Conference attendee Tickets registration
  • Hotel room block reservation link announcement
  • Call to action

-Helping to recruit and train volunteers to assist with management of the Social Media Accounts
-Responsible for maintaining and upholding the standard and professional image of The Diana initiative on-line

Time commitment – ~1 hours per day, plus one one hour meeting per month. This may increase closer to the event.
Time Frame – January through August. Mostly pre-convention. During the convention live streams ect.
Special Requirements/Training – Comfortable with using social media.

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Position: Swags and Gifts Lead

A Swags and Gifts Lead is in charge of:
-Organizing, documenting, and striving to keep the contents environmentally aware, simple and useful (we strive to avoid waste) for the various gifts and swag bags that are needed for the event. You will need to focus on making the bag stuffing process and distribution process simple for day-of volunteers. This usually involves minimizing the variance between the type of bags as much as possible.
-Finding Items (within the set budget) for the following:

  • Merchandise to sell
  • Swag items for bags
  • Various specialized gifts (Keynote Speakers, Speakers, VIPs, Sponsors, Donors, Staff, Volunteers, etc.)
  • Door Prizes

-Liaising with Design as necessary to ensure logo is included on SWAG as needed
-Liaising with Inventory to account for ordering and receiving SWAG, door prizes, gifts
-Liaising with Speaker Ops to identify Speaker Gifts
-Liaising with Sponsor leads to coordinate selection, shipping, and distribution of vendor provided SWAG (as bags, gifts or prizes) as well as sponsor gifts
-Liaising with Donor leads to identify VIP and Donor gifts
-Liaising with Volunteer Lead to identify Staff and Volunteer gifts
-Work closely with Badge, Shirts, Registration and volunteer lead to coordinate well documented staffing and distribution of the correct packages to all people (shirt + badge + bag + gift)

Time commitment – Roughly 5 hours per month (status meetings included), but then the day before the event (In August) roughly 4 hours (to organize, inventory, and bag the swag and gifts.) This will require more time in the month leading to and after the event if we go virtual and also decide to do swag for the virtual event.
Time Frame – This is a pre-convention and during convention position. Volunteer hours will be throughout the year. Swag and gifts should be ordered to completion by May.
Special Requirements/Training – Fluent English, some light physical activity (light lifting, bending and twisting) when organizing and setting up gift/swag bags. Computer with Internet Access.

Apply For Swags & Gift Lead


Position: Volunteer Operations Lead

A Volunteer Operations Lead is in charge of:
-Setting up the Call for volunteers forms
-Liaising with department heads to identify specialized skills needed in their volunteers, as well as working with them to determine the number of volunteers needed
-Vetting each volunteer to assess where they will fit best.
-Scheduling of volunteers, including setting enough time for check-in and hand-over as well as accounting for no-shows (such as scheduling wildcards)
-Identifying platform for scheduling
-Configuring/Updating platform for scheduling
-Update the existing documentation to provide documentation for each volunteer roll
-Host a few volunteer orientation sessions before the event (online)
-Constant communication with volunteers (utilizing slack, mail merges, etc)
-Scheduling of staff for week of event – ensure coverage, avoid burnout
-Chief Cat Herder

Time commitment – 1 hour a month leading up to the event, 2-4 hours a week during call for volunteers (two-three months before), 1 hour a day during vetting time (month before), 4 hours a day the week before, 12-16 hours a day the day before, the days of the event, and the day after the event. If you can secure 1-2 deputies this can be reduced as you share the responsibilities.
Time Frame – Create a form in January to casually (passively) collect volunteers. February-May work at your own pace to update and create training documentation as well as guestimate what kinds of volunteers will be needed. June start vetting volunteers past and future, start gathering them into slack. July – group volunteers into teams, create schedules (or allow people to select in to schedules and urge them to fill empty spots), continue to solicit volunteers, host orientation calls, finalize training documents. August – be on site to handle volunteer in person orientation, check-in, coverage, denoting no shows, calling in emergency fill-ins, and adjusting as the plan and reality meet.
Special Requirements/Training – You will need to do light lighting, twisting, and may need to be in a specific area for stretches of time. Customer Service experience and Scheduling experience a plus.

Apply For Volunteer Ops Lead


Position: Marketing Volunteer Lead

A Marketing Volunteer Lead is in charge of:
-Strategic planning of marketing campaigns designed to increase awareness, attendance, sponsorship, and donations.
-Coordinating of campaign efforts with other areas such as Social Media, Webmaster, etc.
-Overseeing brand & visual identity
-Holding meetings/check-ins with leads (Communications/Press Relations/ Social Media/Website)

Time commitment – Roughly 5 hours per month
Time Frame – Pre-Convention, January through August
Special Requirements/Training – Experience in marketing preferred

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Position: Webmaster Volunteer Lead

A Webmaster Volunteer Lead is in charge of:
-Keeping the organization website up to date with latest information
-Syncing up with other lead to update the related web pages (CFP, Speakers list, Sponsors list etc…)
-Responsible for maintaining and upholding the standard and professional image of The Diana initiative on-line
-Available for last minutes website changes during event.

Time commitment – 1 hour a week year round and few hours during the convention for optional last minutes updates.
Time Frame –  All year long.
Special Requirements/Training – Computer knowledge. Familiarity with wordpress.

Apply For Webmaster Lead


Position: Registration Operations Volunteer Lead

A Registration Operations Volunteer Lead is in charge of:
-Creating and Maintains registration site for event.
-Creating the eventbrite registration.
-Identifying Registration types and associated codes to address different tickets and roles (e.g. – sponsors, staff, volunteers, speakers, comped guests)
-Adding custom questions in the eventbrite form to gather optional attendee demographic info
-Setting up barcode scanning of the eventbrite tickets
-Creating recorded online training and documentation for volunteers who will work reg on how to register attendees via eventbrite ticket barcode scanning the week before the event with morning of re-run throughs.
-Opening registration
-Closing registration
-Reporting on registration activity
-Coordinating day of check in against registration data
-Maintaining count of actual attendees
-Maintaining count of registered vs walk-up

Time commitment – Day before event to set up (roughly 2-4 hours) During event as needed for coverage throughout the day. 3 months before event roughly 2 hours to create eventbrite registration ticketing
Time Frame – One day before con and during the event. Attend virtual meetings (no more than an hour) once a month 3 months leading up to event.
Special Requirements/Training –  Knowledge of eventbrite preferred but not required, will train, people skills, training volunteers, computer knowledge

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Position: General Volunteer

Volunteering at the Diana Initiative can include:

  • Set up of rooms and event spaces
  • Assisting with registration
  • Supporting the various villages
  • Manage swag distribution
  • Providing Safety/Security
  • Be a Room or Speaker host
  • Run social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Managing the parties
  • Floaters and Roamers to help out staff and village organizers
  • and more!

Interested in volunteering? Please complete our volunteer form and we’ll be in touch closer to the event time frame.

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