Each year, our event is made possible through continued and generous support of the InfoSec Community. If you would like to help The Diana Initiative continue our mission [to encourage diversity and support women who want to pursue careers in information security, promote diverse and supportive workplaces, and help change workplace cultures] either as a one-time or monthly donation, then please click the big button below. Donations made through our site are tax-deductible, less the retail cost of any gift you may receive.

$17,954 of $20,000 raised

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Looking for other options? Please check out [other ways to give] for details on PayPal Giving Fund, Benevity, and more.


YOU did it!


You helped us find enough [sponsorships], donations, and ticket sales to live stream our talks in las vegas (for speakers who consent), offer free virtual vegas tickets, and provide closed captions (live not AI).




2022 Challenge
We have reached the point where invoiced sponsors and ticket sales will cover our base cost.

We usually cover our costs through a combination of [sponsorships], donations, and ticket sales. We are hoping the community can help us reach our goal by donating, and if they can not donate also by helping find [sponsors] – here is a good [sponsorship request template].

Base cost does NOT include live streaming the in person talks, trying to enable hybrid participation in talks and CFP, live closed captioning, etc.

Let’s get some “extras”!

  • If we raise 16k we can live stream our two in person tracks and we will make free “virtual participant” passes available for our in-person (then hybrid!) event. The majority of this cost is in the internet hard line connection.

Stretch Goals

  • If we raise the above plus +6k we add live closed captioning to the track 1 in person.
  • If we raise the above plus +6k we add live closed captioning to the track 2 in person.

We need to raise this before July 11 in order to sign the additional contracts for captioning for the in person event. We unfortunately passed the due date to secure a person to close caption our virtual event.

Important: Our contracts have already been rolled two years. Even if we have to cancel and pivot to fully remote, we lose all of the money to existing contracts. All money raised will go to the hotel and vendors, wether we are able to use it or not sadly.