Ideas on things to do in Las Vegas that are not gambling

There is more to Nevada than the Las Vegas Strip!

For those attending we wanted to provide some ideas on things to do on and around the strip.


  • The Aquarium at Mandalay Bay



  • The atomic museum
  • Erotic history museum
  • The Mob Museum
  • Neon museum aka Las Vegas sign museum / Neon boneyard – (get tickets way in advance for dusk or after sundown)

Interactive Activities

Things to see


Boulder City

  • Boulder City is a neat town to explore, we enjoyed lunch, a brewery, and poking our heads into various shops.
  • Mountain biking at bootleg canyon in boulder city
  • Tom’s Monster Museum in Boulder

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Ideas on doing Las Vegas on the cheap

Our tips:

  • If you can go to a grocery store at the start of your trip to grab water and snacks to avoid paying hotel fees for them! High protein healthy snacks will help.
  • If your hotel room can make hot water consider instant things like oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Consider if your hotel has laundry – you might be able to wash clothes instead of paying to check a bag. I suggest bringing your own laundry pod or strip from home to save that markup!
  • Make friends before the event and find a room-mate to split costs with!
  • I personally have done meal replacement shakes for breakfast and / or lunch so I had money to splurge on for dinner.
  • Take a look and sign up for Vendor events at night to try and get free drinks and dinner.
  • Consider volunteering. Sometimes volunteers get free entry and sometimes free hotel rooms and sometimes free food during the event!

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Other ideas:

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