We are trying to gather resources on how to speak with your employer so that you can avoid taking vacation to attend our event. If you have anything to add please reach out and let us know!

First you need to assess what your employer may have to offer. Some employers have budgets for training or conferences, and some have days such as conference days (not vacation, not sick, not unpaid!) you can use.

After you decide what you are asking for, it is time to talk to your boss.

Sample Letter

Dear {Name},
Iʼd like to attend Diana Initiative 2023 taking place August 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Iʼve researched many conferences and this one is focused on both educating and promoting underrepresented individuals as well as creating a more inclusive information security industry. The event gathers Security Professionals, and those interested in Information Security, to share learnings and participate in hands on activities.

Over the course of the event I will be immersed in educational sessions led by experienced industry experts covering critical cybersecurity issues and emerging threats. Attending will not only help further my technical skills but will build my knowledge of new security innovations and best practices that can be used to help secure our organization.
Over 300 individuals in the industry gather together for this event making it a great place to network with industry professionals.

Las Vegas offers many incentives to events and travelers, and as such the cost to attend an event in Las Vegas is less expensive than other locations. There tend to be both direct and less expensive flights, as well as reasonably priced hotels.

How our organization will benefit.
{If applicable} During this week many cybersecurity events happen in Las Vegas; Black Hat USA, Diana Initiative, BSidesLV and DEF CON. For a fraction of the price of attending Black Hat I can go meet the same people, many of which attend all the events, in a much less sales and more solutions and networking focused event.

I believe the insights learned by attending can help advance our information security program. When the event concludes, I will compile a short presentation covering key insights, useful sponsor information, networking discussions, and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our team.

Learn more (https://www.dianainitiative.org/) about the conference and view last yearʼs keynotes and other videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyqJKS1lhtM&list=PLegn9T1wU4sWY5gHflEsgXZCAiZYS6sX9).
I have estimated the cost of attending:

  • Flight:
  • Taxi to Hotel:
  • Hotel:
  • Taxi from Hotel:
  • Daily F&B:

{Your Name}