We here on the Student scholarship committee are so excited to welcome 9 students this year thanks to *your* donations!
Over the next few weeks we would like to introduce you to some of the students.

Billy Hazley can be found on twitter [@billyhaze] and LinkedIn as Billy Hazley. Billy would like very much to connect!

Q: Is this your first time going to a hacking or Information Security event?
I am a member of the High Tech Criminal Investigations Association (HTCIA) and attended their international convention in Washington D.C. last summer.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Diana Initiative? What about in Las Vegas?
I am looking forward to networking with others in Digital Forensics and IT Security the most.
I am also excited to attend the lockpick workshop and Jessica Hyde’s Mobile App Parsing Workshop as well as the AWS Security Workshop

Q: What is the thing you are most hoping to go home with, a memory, an experience, a new skill, knowledge around a specific topic?
Parsing data more efficiently and learning more about the different areas of cybersecurity and ethical hacking

Q: What are you studying in school? How do you like it?
I am studying Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity. I enjoy it very much because there are many methods to securing a network and each day presents a new challenge and puzzle.

Q: What is your biggest topic of interests in infosec?
Securing a network and intrusion detection

Q: Have you ever worked at a security company, full time or intern? Where and how was that experience?
I have interned with a communications group who install and maintain physical security through biometric locks and card access.

Q: What is your dream job?
Working with the department of homeland security

Q: What sparked your interest in infosec?
I have always been intrigued with how operating systems work and when I lost a job after 16 years I decided that the new and expanding field of cybersecurity was where my best opportunities to do something I enjoyed.


I hope that you are just as excited to connect and meet with Billy as we are during the conference.

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