We here on the Student scholarship committee are so excited to welcome 9 students this year thanks to *your* donations!
Over the next few weeks we would like to introduce you to some of the students.

I would like to introduce you to Huanxin Ding who can be found [on Linkedin].

When asked what she was looking forward to she let us know that she was very happy to be back in Las Vegas.

At the Diana Initiative, she is looking forward to connecting to more people and looking for full-time positions. (Hopefully the career village this year will help with that.)

She also, as a long-time lover of CTFs, plans to participate in our CTF.
She was so excited there was not just one talk she could say she was most looking forward to, she plans to make sure she does not miss:

  • Base64 is not encryption – a better story for Kubernetes Secrets
  • How to lose a container in 10 minutes
  • Hacking Modern Webapps
  • Web Application Penetration Testing: An Introductory Workshop for Developers and Security Professionals at All Levels
  • Tell Me About Yourself: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch


Q: Is this your first time going to a hacking or Information Security event?
Not the first time, but the first one that with so many participants. I have a little experience with CTF contest before.

Q: What is the thing you are most hoping to go home with, a memory, an experience, a new skill, knowledge around a specific topic?
An Experience. It will be fantastic to meet more people and experience conferences.

Q: What are you studying in school? How do you like it?
In general, computer science. Specifically, my program is MSIT – Mobility in Information Networking Institute. I like the courses and practicum we have, which provides me with skill set in software, network & web, and security.

Q: What is your biggest topic of interests in infosec?
Encryption and Decryption or Web security.

Q: Have you ever worked at a security company, full time or intern? Where and how was that experience?
Not yet. Only had experiences in courses and events.

Q: What sparked your interest in infosec?
I feel it is CTF. Trying hard to capture the flag is really interesting and brings me satisfaction when I work it out.

Let’s see how her excitement for the CTF at Diana helps hype up the team she finds!

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