Each year, we ask our community to help us pick a slogan for our annual event. Something to guide us, something to inspire our potential speakers, something to tie it all together. This year, the selected slogan was “Breaking Boundaries Byte by Byte”, submitted by [@H1xD1].

We feel that this slogan allows us to focus on the different ways that representation in cybersecurity – whether gender, sexuality, skill level, or red/blue/purple team alignment – can help protect data today and into the future. The fact that we had to move to a virtual format because of a global pandemic was a bonus.

Oh yea, and check out this year’s logo design!

From the designer, [@1dark0ne]:
“A lot has happened since 2019, and The Diana Initiative remains true to its mission statement. I thought a lot about this year’s slogan, our mission, and where we stand in the face of current events. This logo is a celebration of diverse cultures and breaking boundaries. It’s a juxtaposition of rigid geometry and organic movement. Bytes break free of the grid. It honors the underlying structure and beauty of mathematics in the work we do, whilst challenging the boundaries of a world we once knew, in order to create a better one.”

Find your own meaning.
Apply your own colors on our [logo coloring page],
and find *your* Diana Initiative.
Please share completed coloring pages on social media with #MyDianaColors.