The Black community in America continues to suffer from the terrible legacy of slavery, injustice and discrimination. From Emmit Till to George Floyd, and countless in between, the outcry against the unjust murders of our Black brothers and sisters only grows.

We add our voices in condemning the injustices against our peers. We denounce racism and the ongoing oppression of Black People, Indigenous People, and all Peoples of Color.

The Diana Initiative was founded on and strives to embody the principles of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. In order to support our underrepresented peers in the industry, The Diana Initiative reaffirms our commitment to Black People, Indigenous People, and Peoples of Color that we will:

  • Make safe spaces for you at our conferences
  • Amplify your voices whenever possible
  • Provide space on our platform to document your experiences in Security and Technology

We appreciate your commitment to our organization as we continue to support the underrepresented members of our Information Security community. If you’d like more information about how we are taking action, or you’d like to volunteer your time, skills, or energy toward our cause, please reach out to