Saturday July 17th, 8:30am-10:00am @ Hopin

For her day job, Stephanie @StephAndSec serves as a L2 security analyst for Duo. Outside of work, however, Stephanie has filled her life with all kinds of cool activities. She speaks at conferences and already has one keynote under her belt. She co-hosts a “happy hour” inspired podcast called Coolest Nerds in the Room, where conversation surrounding the lives of tech people are nurtured. She volunteers and gives back, working with organizations like WISP. She has a course for LinkedIn Learning on Social Engineering and Security Awareness. Stephanie recognizes those that inspired her or helped her get to where she is today and hopes that everything she does moving forward does the same for others.

Follow Steph on Twitter and LinkedIn, or visit her online at Her podcast is also available everywhere.

You Are the Prize: How to Hire the Right Boss & Employer for a More Fulfilling Career

Saturday July 17th, 8:30am-10:00am @ Hopin

You know how job interviews go. Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…and all you’ve got on your mind is: am I good enough? Will they pick me? Am I technical enough? So often, we go into job interviews eager to present the best version of ourselves with a goal of getting an offer, ready to list all the ways we’re the best choice and why we deserve that coveted “employed” spot. But what happens when you’re on the job and you realize one month later that everything you need to be your best self is not available to you? Or you find out your boss is a living nightmare? Or you figure out that the promotion path they talked about briefly during your interview was nothing more than a pay raise and a title change? Steph’s talk will walk you through why operating in a “pick me” mindset may end in tragedy and how to avoid wasting time with a company that is not a fit. Be prepared to receive the inspiration and confidence to politely, but firmly, interview your interviewer the next time you’re job hunting.


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