Such Pahi

Friday July 16th, 5:00pm-6:00pm @ Hopin

Suchi Pahi @SuchiPahi is a data privacy and cybersecurity attorney with a passion for tech. Her goal at conferences is to make privacy and cybersecurity law more accessible and transparent for people who are directly impacted by these legal frameworks, and to explore new developments on the tech side.

She has a depth of experience in managing incident response and health privacy regulatory issues, as well as in building effective cybersecurity and privacy programs, partnering with product teams to create products that embed privacy, and counseling clients on privacy and cybersecurity implications of new technologies or services.

She is currently Acting Chief Privacy Officer at Rally Health, Inc.

Leaders Lower the Ladder

Friday July 16th, 5:00pm-6:00pm @ Hopin

You have created, built, or advanced to a point in your career where you are managing others, or industry peers recognize your name or work. Or perhaps, you are an expert in your field. And whatever odds you have faced to get to this point, you have succeeded in facing those odds. So. What should you do next?

Drawing from existing research and her life experiences, Suchi Pahi makes the case for leaders, like you, to lower the ladder after them and lift people up beside them. Her keynote address will enable leaders to spark a journey immediately by focusing on sponsorship, community education, and empathy.


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