We here on the Student scholarship committee are so excited to welcome 9 students this year thanks to *your* donations!
Over the next few weeks we would like to introduce you to some of the students.

We are pleased to introduce you to Chantelle, who might have a #BadgeLife itch…

Q: If people want to find you online where should they look?
Please add me on twitter [@cvrrent] or linkedin [@chan000]

Q: Is this your first time going to a hacking or Information Security event?
This is not my first time going to an infosec event. I’ve been to a couple events in NYC. My very first security event was Summercon 2018 in NYC. A friend from a neighborhood hackerspace sponsored me and I’ve paid it forward ever since. I got two friends from college to join me in attendance this year.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Diana Initiative? What about in Las Vegas?
I’m looking forward to surrounding myself with the vast community of women no matter the event. I also hope to see some familiar faces and hang out around Vegas.

Q: What is the thing you are most hoping to go home with, a memory, an experience, a new skill, knowledge around a specific topic?
I’m hoping to take home a lot of memories, some badges, and long-term friends in the security field. I’ll definitely make it to the CTF at the Diana Initiative. I hope to learn all I can from the amazing presenters in August

Q: What are you studying in school? How do you like it?
I am studying Computer Science with a minor in Studio Art at the City College of New York. I love the cultural diversity here. The professors here are insanely intelligent and always pushes me to go above and beyond.

Q: What is your biggest topic of interests in infosec?
I’m still trying to figure out what I want to focus on given that I’ll be graduating pretty soon. The ones I have so far are embedded systems and networking.

Q: What is your dream job?
My dream job is filling role on a team with supportive coworkers. A team that knows how to communicate effectively without microaggressions, mansplaining, or cutthroat behaviors (sabotaging, gossiping, etc.). A team that encourages one another to be better than they were before and practices a safe, inclusive environment for women, LGBTQIA folks, and minorities.

Q: What sparked your interest in infosec?
The show Mr. Robot started it all for me. When I found out about the digital after-show and the weekly post called the “Hack Report”, it served as a springboard for me to do research on security concepts used in the weekly episodes. This lead to knowing who contributed to the hacks and, thus, starting attending security events in NYC and here we are 🙂


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